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When Fred and Anne Hutton started the Lodge in 1984, their goal was to provide a home and meaningful work for adults with learning disabilities within a Christian context. Situated in the village of Market Overton in Rutland, The Lodge, in its original form, consisted of a farmhouse, a few outbuildings and a large piece of land (20 acres). The Huttons kept sheep and some of the earliest residents still talk fondly of looking after these. The number of residents steadily grew, and when Fred retired in September 1998, there were three homes for up to 25 people, as well as work opportunities for the residents in the grounds, kitchen, craft and laundry.

Fast forward to today, and, whilst there have been many changes, the philosophy remains the same. The work has continued to expand and upgrade as well as accepting five more residents (now supporting 30). However, the trustees wish to retain the family atmosphere and do not anticipate accepting more residents at Market Overton. Residents know the names of all 72 staff and 15 volunteers. This is their home and we wish to retain that homely 'I belong here' feeling.

Developments have included the building of the Country Park and Café in 2008, which are now open to the general public six days a week. More recently, the original Lodge House has been renovated and a block of individual apartments has been built called ‘The Stables’.

The Trust always has more applications than places available. Therefore, the trustees are seeking to establish a second centre in an attempt to meet the demand for Christian support.

The Lodge Trust provides:

  • Opportunities for people to make choices about their lives, with relevant information accessible and with appropriate guidance.

  • Care packages based on unique individual needs reflecting strengths as well as needs.

  • Christian care with staff available to offer appropriate spiritual support as well as emotional, physical and educational help that facilitates the development of the individual.

This project is currently on hold, but if you would like to discuss opportunities for future developments, please get in touch.