What we do


The Lodge Trust has been providing Christian support for adults with learning disabilities since 1984, enabling them to have access to Christian resources and services as well as person-centred choice and control over their lives.

The original objectives set by the Trustees, which we continue to work hard to fulfil today are:

  • To provide a Christian home for people with learning disabilities;

  • To provide the residents with training and employment in a manner best suited to their needs;

  • To enable the residents to care for themselves where this is possible.

We are passionate about helping everyone see that people with learning disabilities can have a vibrant faith in God and they can choose to be supported in an intentional community where that faith is supported and encouraged. Furthermore we believe local communities and churches can be equipped to help and support people with learning disabilities and everyone will be the richer for the experience.

The Lodge Trust supports those who choose a Christian lifestyle. We have an evangelical Christian faith, believe the Bible and try to put what it says into practice in everything we do. Those who choose to live at The Lodge Trust say that they want to live life in this way, so we:

  • Meet together every day to pray and to read the Bible. We believe this is really important because it puts first things first and sets us up in the right way to enjoy the day and be helpful to others

  • Keep Sunday special by resting, thinking about our relationship with God and meeting with other Christians and worshipping God together

  • Read and studying the Bible together to help us learn more about God, enjoy our lives and be helpful to others.

The Lodge Trust sees all people as equally valuable in God’s sight; sees people as individuals; treats people with respect; and includes each person in everything to do with the way they are supported.

Our Values