Sarah's work at Oakham Castle

Hi. My name is Sarah and I live at The Lodge Trust. I’m going to tell you about my new volunteering role and what it means to me.

Once a week on a Tuesday afternoon, I volunteer at Oakham Castle, just down the road from my home. The work I do is getting ready for schools groups and also to research what the children will be doing, and I show people around the castle, and I also tidy up from the schools group. We get along really well because I want to help other people.

I really enjoy volunteering because I am learning about the castle, meeting new people, and I enjoy serving the community by giving my time. Volunteering makes me feel happy and useful. It gives me new friends and a new job opportunity outside of The Lodge Trust. I would always recommend volunteering to other people; it is a very good experience to serve others.

This week I helped the workers look at the world map to find out where the spices that are called cinnamon and ginger come from, because the schoolchildren were going to make some gingerbread biscuits.

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SMa still

Sean Anderson, 06/03/2019